Adrian Byram


The idea for ADX emerged from my recent PhD studies at the University of British Columbia on patients with disordered consciousness. I came to realize that the problems faced by the families of these patients were shared by millions of other families as they were forced to make incredibly difficult choices for loved ones after an accident, serious illness, or during the long descent through dementia. Almost everyone I talked to shared stories of how making such decisions were the most horrible experiences of their lives, and encouraged me to pursue what has now become ADX. If we can help relieve families’ distress, even a little bit, ADX will become my most worthwhile accomplishment.

Adrian has been an entrepreneur/executive in the software and Internet space for several decades. Recently, his product leadership enabled a Silicon Valley B-to-B specialist ISP to grow from $0 to $88M in less than 5 years. He has founded companies providing software to radio and TV stations, to restaurants, and to chemistry research labs. Adrian is currently a PhD student in neuroethics at the University of British Columbia, studied engineering-economic systems at Stanford, and earned MSc and BSc degrees in math and physics from the University of Toronto.


Gerry Merritt

Executive VP Business Development

I am personally super passionate about what we are trying to build at ADX. As one of three siblings that never got around to having health care discussions with our Mother, I have experienced how difficult navigating the health care system can be when a parent suffers the effect of long-term debilitating disease. Professionally, as a former practicing lawyer, I have experienced the ineffectiveness of static advanced directive documents that are not updated and the unintended consequences that can result in emotional, physical and financial pain.

Jerry has decades of experience and a deep network in the US legal industry, and with professional affinity organizations such as the ABA and AICPA. While running the professional liability insurance business unit at CNA, he grew it to become the market share leader. He has a JD from Hofstra University, and BSc in history from SUNY.


Dr. Matt Balcarras, PhD

VP and Chief Scientist

It’s not often that you are presented with an opportunity to help build a company from the ground up that is trying to solve a serious societal problem. ADX is both an exciting professional opportunity – to learn how to be a successful leader and collaborator, but also an exciting personal opportunity – to contribute to helping thousands of ordinary people with a very real problem. Building a successful business around our solution means that we will relieve people, including our friends and family, from real emotional distress – this is why I work at ADX.

Matt has conducted multiple scientific studies exploring how human learning and decision making can be represented and predicted with computational models. His work has included practical, hands-on experience of building systems that interface with human subjects to predict complex choices, and has been published in several leading neuroscience journals. Matt earned a PhD in neuroscience from York University (Toronto, Canada), an MSc in philosophy from the University of Edinburgh, and a BA in interdisciplinary studies from St. Stephen’s University, New Brunswick.


Shana Korotash

Director of Marketing

For me personally, dealing with a father with both Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, there have been many times over recent years where I wish a service like this was available to individuals and families. The counseling aspect would have been so beneficial to myself and my family, it’s a large part of the reason I feel so strongly about what we’re trying to accomplish at ADX-to help families in advance of foreseen and unforeseen medical situations.

A technology Executive, Shana has worked in the industry for 14 years with experience and roles varying from global firms to technology startups. Shana has held local and National roles in operations, marketing, business development and client services. She has led a company from product infancy through to global acquisition, a key decision maker involved with strategic planning for all business units.