ADX is an AI-powered counselling service with two goals:

  1.    Help families make the best decisions for incapacitated loved ones
  2.    Protect the surrogate decision-makers from the guilt and uncertainty of such irrevocable decisions.

90% of people who become decisionally incapacitated do not have an advance directive.

ADX functions by first interviewing each client (via an online interaction) while he or she is still competent to determine his or her personal values – in a process analogous to creating and updating an advance directive.  If incapacitation occurs, ADX’s artificial intelligence (AI) systems and human counsellors work with the attending physicians and family to translate treatment options into choices framed in terms of the patient’s values.

The surrogate decision-makers can see clearly how each treatment option would affect the capabilities most valued by the patient, and can therefore choose the treatment option the patient would most likely desire.  This decision support process ensures that all options are carefully considered, that the patient’s voice continues to be heard, and that the guilt and emotional trauma experienced by the surrogate decision-maker and family are minimized.  ADX interacts with the surrogate directly via a trained counselor who guides the surrogate through the difficult experience of navigating a complex medical environment, the challenge of making the best decision given the circumstances they are facing and the problem of having a decision respected and executed by a clinical care team.

ADX offers a solution to a very real problem affecting millions of people every day.  It is not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when this affects your family. For more information about ways to invest please contact us at 604-375-2181 or

75% of people that are in need of advanced directives are under age 60 and have no pre-existing health problems.