Q: What is AI and how can it help me?
A: AI stands for ‘artificial intelligence,’ which just means that our computer system is built to learn about you using intelligent algorithms. AI research has grown a lot in recent years, and we have found that by using some of the latest AI techniques we are able to understand the concerns and values of our clients faster and more accurately.

Q: How long does it take to make a value profile?
A: Completing the initial value profile initialization takes as little as 15mins, but it is important to make sure that this accurately represents you. If you don’t feel like the summary of your value profile quite captures your concerns you can go back over your input until it is a perfect fit, this may add time to the overall process.

Q: Does this service work in Canada, the US, or both countries?
A: ADX is pleased to offer its service in both Canada and the US.

Q: I’m not very old and expect to live for a long time, why should I get this service?
A: ADX provides a service that helps families when someone becomes incapacitated. An overwhelmingly large percentage of people who end up in the ICU are young people! If you want to help provide clarity for your family about the treatment you would like to receive, this service allows you to do so.

Q: Do people that have medical training and/or provide counselling services benefit from this service?
A: Studies have shown that even health care professionals who previously stated that they don’t want extreme measures taken to keep them alive are just as likely to receive these interventions as the general public, due to lack of clarity and available information. Our service provides support through the decision making process, support that can assist everyone in these situations.

Q: I don’t have a proxy, do I need one? How do I get one?
A: You need to have a proxy to use our service. We cannot help provide decision making clarity to your loved ones if we do not know who will be helping make decisions on your behalf. The first place to look for your proxy is your family and close friends. If you still cannot find a trusted proxy then stay tuned here, as we are in the process of making professional proxies available to those who do not have one.

Q: I have a proxy, how do I get started?
A: Having a proxy is a big part of preparing for a potential incapacitation. Now that you have one, our service will help you prepare a value profile that is shared with your proxy and will provide increased clarity and communication about your desires.

Q: I feel as though I have the right support system in place to deal with incapacitation, with documents and plans already laid out. Does ADX have anything to offer me?
A: It’s great that you have started the process of supporting your loved ones in their role as potentially supporting you! That said, research shows that having a plan and documents in place does not guarantee that your plan will be followed or that your loved ones will avoid the emotional stress of helping your plan become reality. Our service will build on your planning and help fill in the gaps.