How ADX Works

ADX is one-part AI and one-part human counselor. The service guides families through difficult medical treatment decisions on behalf of incapacitated loved ones.

Current forms of advance care planning have proven either ineffective or insufficient in fulfilling personal wishes or providing enough proper guidance to your loved ones through the decision making process. ADX gives you and your loved ones’ clarity and insight into your preferred medical path when it comes to your personal care, it offers support and guidance in a time of crisis and complex decisions.

ADX is a solution to the very serious and very common problem of current advance directives and advance care planning. With our service, clients participate in a dynamic process of sharing their individual concerns and values, which then enables ADX to develop a rich, data driven, picture of your unique and personal decision factors. This picture, a virtual representation of all issues relevant to your unique values, is shared with those people you identify as potential decision making surrogates. A decision summary is offered to the family, providing greater clarity about preferred outcomes in advance of a medical crisis or the onset of a neurological disease.

When a client becomes incapacitated, their value profile is combined with the medical information provided to ADX by their clinical care providers and the summary is produced for the surrogate, showing how the client’s stated decision factors relate to this specific medical situation. ADX interacts with the surrogate directly via a trained counselor who guides the surrogate through the difficult experience of navigating a complex medical environment, the challenge of making the best decision given the circumstances they are facing and the problem of having a decision respected and executed by a clinical care team.

ADX offers you and your family a professional, empathetic helping hand, providing support at a time of great need.